1. I want to reblog this because getting internalized White Supremacist hyper-nationalism from racialized people is so much harder to deal with. I get it. You don’t want to cause trouble. You want to assimilate. Maybe you look too much like some of those pesky terrorists and want to distance yourself as much as possible by becoming an Upstanding Citizen. But there are people literally being killed every day for having the wrong skin pigment, for being Black, for “looking Muslim,” for being poor, for being at the “wrong place at the wrong time,” but you’re going to keep your eyes closed and pray the American Dream dulls out the nightmare all around you? What happens when your rights are taken away because you are still too brown or because you will always look like a Muslim? What happens when you are deemed guilty before setting foot in a courtroom? What happens when you are “randomly” selected for extra screening in the customs line? What happens if - god forbid - you are then sent to an extra-judicial torture facility where nobody will ever be held accountable for what is done to you? What happens if you are sent to Guantanamo and even after not eating food for 8 months nobody hears your pleas of innocence?

    What then?  

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